Booth Booking Procedures

Please check the Floor Plan and ensure that you have selected the correct booth when completing the Booking Form.

You are not limited by the size of the booths shown on the Floor Plan. Just indicate the Booth Number(s) you need to indicate your location of choice and fill in your space requirements in the Booking Form.

All rates are in US Dollars (US$).

If you have any queries regarding the booking of space, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.


Booth Rates

Space Only

  • Rate: US$330 per sqm

    • Min. 18 sqm
    • Book your space only requirements, and build a booth of your own customised design.
    • Contact our Official Stand Contractor for a quote.

Standard Shell Scheme

The Standard Shell Scheme / Walk-on Package is built out of system panels comprising Space, Carpet, System Walls, Fascia Board, Basic Lighting and includes the following Furniture Package.


  • Rate: US$380 per sqm

    • 9sqm & 12sqm
    • Two Black Chairs, Round Coffee Table, Lockable Cupboard, Wastepaper Basket, 13 amp Power Point (not for lighting purpose)
  • Rate: US$380 per sqm

    • 15sqm & 18sqm
    • Two Black Chairs, Round Coffee Table, Information Counter and Chair, Lockable Cupboard, Wastepaper Basket, Two 13amp Power Point (not for lighting purposes)
  • Rate: US$380 per sqm

    • 24sqm & 30sqm
    • Four Black Chairs, Two Round Coffee Tables, Two Information Counters and Chairs, Two Lockable Cupboards, Wastepaper Basket, Three 13 amp Power Point (not for lighting purposes)

Enchanced Shell Scheme

The Enhanced Shell Scheme (ESS) is the “Premium-Look” Shell Scheme which is more visually appealing than the Standard Shell Scheme, and greatly helps Exhibitors to promote their Company’s image and branding whilst at the same time removing the hassle of designing and constructing a ‘self-build’ booth at reduced costs!

  • Rate: US$450 per sqm

    • Min. 12 sqm
    • Highly Recommended!
    • Includes a furniture package specifically designed and configured to the booth size required.

Registration Fee

A flat Registration Fee will apply per Exhibiting Company based on the size of the booth booked as follows:

Size of Booth Fee
12 – 36 sqm US$300
37 – 72 sqm US$400
73 sqm & Above US$500


Booth Sharer

Booth Sharers are permitted on the booths, without surcharge, based on the following guidelines:

Size of Booth Number of Sharers
12 sqm Up to 2 permitted
18 sqm Up to 4 permitted
24 sqm & Above More than 4 permitted
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